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Indeville APP - Kikio
Bullet; Black Name : Kikió Azmei 
Bullet; Black Gender : Male (He/him)
Bullet; Black age : 24 
Bullet; Black Race : Deep Sea Aquatilium
Bullet; Black status : single
Bullet; Black Class : Cleric 
Bullet; Black Favourite Food : Sea Bass
Bullet; Black Job : Doctor at Indieville Hospital! 
Bullet; Black Sexual Orientation : Pansexual 

Bullet; Blue Personality : Caring-Responsible-Alert-Loyal-Paranoid-Anxious-Irritable

                                                          Bullet; Black Items Bullet; Black 

Keys: Keys! His keys are always on him and he will not leave without them! He acquires three different keys, One for his office located inside the hospital(Always locked unless he is inside) , his house key ( which he is hardly in !!! ) and a basement key with an Engraved Capital 'R' on the base.. though he doesn't have a basement.. 

Docters Badge: usually always pinned on his Shirt/Jacket or inside his pocket In case of emergency and he needs to confirm he IS a doctor and you can rely on him! 

Phone: Always on him! He is hardly on it but when he is he is probably texting someone or playing a little game . Sometimes you'll catch him looking confused while reading one of those 'We will be living on mars by next year!' Articles.

Sunglasses: For his precious glowing eyes! Bright lights like the sun or Room lights blind him for a short period of time so he will almost always be wearing these I feel he is out during the day!

Ring : a Family heirloom, had it since he was a child.

sleeping pills : The poor boy never gets any sleep so he has these on him at all times, if he's on a a night shift at work he needs these to catch even the smallest of naps in his office chair. 

Throwing Knife( Weapon ) : Given to him when he came of age ,to protect himself, he is not afraid to use it! .. okay maybe he isn't ,, only a little. 

                                                         Bullet; Black Background Bullet; Black 

Kikió had been born well away from Indieville, outcast from his family as his glow colour was lower of his species spectrum he felt un wanted and forgotten. He grew up never being able to go to the underwater festivals held annually by his herd. His family felt embarrassed of him, never wanting to be seen around with 'someone like him'. So at the age of 15 he ran(swam) away to Bogtown. A place he heard of where he knew he would feel safe. By the age of 16 he had came across a boy named Rook. They spent almost everyday together, Kikió insisted anyway.. it was his first REAL friend! As the years went on they formed an even stronger bond than ever before, Best friends. Between all the teenage shenanigans and hoo wits Kikió had been studying hard , wanting to fulfill his wish of helping the people, becoming a doctor. When he was 19 he continued his journey, venturing to Indieville to complete his training . And thus here he is today, working hard and nursing patients back to their utmost greatest health.

Bullet; Blue Likes : Helping, night walks, cats, swimming, Rook+favlove 
Bullet; Blue Dislikes : Bright lights, high pitched noises, octopus, polluted water

Kikio Trivia : 

Bullet; Blue  Kikió is part of a species with a number of different unique markings which glow, his glow blue, he is also a good torch!
Bullet; Blue  The antennas on his head are to lure fish towards him, somewhat like an anglerfish. Only used when hunting prey.
Bullet; Blue Kikio has 4 small horns , two on top of his head and tow under his ear lobes.
Bullet; Blue The boy really loves his piercings!
Bullet; Blue He often walks around at night as he doesn't go out Much during the day, you'll know it's him if you see him!
Bullet; Blue He is 6'4 , though he could grow to be 9ft at most. 
Bullet; Blue He will most likely live to be 5000 years old. These guys live for a loooong time.

Bullet; Black Rp Method: DA notes 

Bullet; Black Shipping?: Heck yeah!

( I will not do smut or anything of the sorts!! Although I'm all for fluff and cute stuff!)

Kikio is from a self made species, please do not make Ocs based off of it!



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